605 Barrabool Rd, Ceres VIC 3221 (03) 5249 1382


The beginning of a childs schooling journey is one of the most exciting times of both a child and families life!

At Ceres Primary school we have invested years of knowledge and experience into developing a nurturing, supportive and community focused program for our students and families choosing to join the Ceres Primary School Community. 


Our program enabled students to learn through exploring, play and questioning in the classroom and school community. Through the use of the school values in all aspects of our school language, our students feel safe and connected to our Community. Our staff are focussed on providing a warm and supportive classroom environment with a strong focus on hands-on learning, our students thrive in all areas of thier learning and self. Our teaching program focuses on the individual learner, catering for each child, ensuring they experience success at school. 


At present, we are conducting personalised School Tours with proposective families to the school. This involves time with both a school representative and a guided tour conducted by our students (subject to students academic program at the time.) 


If you would like to learn more about Ceres Primary School or to book a tour, please do not hesitate to contact our friendly staff either via (03) 5249 1382 or email