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Our 'Buddy' Program

To support our Foundation students in transitioning to Ceres Primary School, we operate a 'Buddy Program.'

In the Buddy program, each foundation student is paired with a Grade 6 student to assist them in becoming familiar with school community, learning their way around the school yard, start of the day routines and thier buddy acts as a key social support out in the school yard each day. 

In fostering the Buddy Program, the Foundation and Grade 6 students all have lunch together sitting with their buddies each Friday in Term 1. 

At Ceres Primary School, we have a strong emphasis on our school values. In 2020, the school community work together to create a 'Friendship Chair' for the school yard. The Freindship chair is located in the playground for students to go to when they don't have anyone to play with during recess and lunch periods. We have found our students and staff have embraced the significance of this chair and embraced the meaning behind it.