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Foundation Transition

As a staff we have evaluated how the students have transitioned into the school, out of school (Year 7) and throughout the school.

The feedback from the secondary schools has shown that our Ceres students do well, regardless of them often attending a secondary school alone. This is attributed to the leadership and confidence development that occurs at a small school.

Our Foundation students settle well. By mid-year we note that they are well on their way to having a deep understanding of the fundamental skills necessary to put them in good stead for their progressing years.

The end of year extensive transition program provides a good rounding for them and also enables new parents to meet each other and experience some guest speakers.

Meet our Foundation teacher, Miss Molly Martin

At Ceres Primary School, we use a fluid grouping approach. Fluid grouping is flexible grouping that provides students with the opportunity to thrive at their point of need.

Once they are assessed by a teacher, they will be grouped according to their appropriate level for a particular topic. This allows for targeted teaching and lessened academic spread in each group.


Ceres Primary School is yet to formalise our Transition Program and dates for 2021, however please use the below information as a guide. 

Please note that the 2020 transition program was conducted in accordance to the relevant COVID guidelines for that period of time. We are very hopeful and eagerly anticipating a much more hands on and interactive transition program for 2021. 


Our 2020 Foundation Transition Session Schedule is as follows;




Term 3, Week 8



Molly Martin (2020 Foundation Teacher)

Pre-recorded video for students – tour of school and book read

Term 3, Week 10

14.9.20 at 3.30pm LIVE

Molly Martin & Lissa Young (Principal)

Live Webex with Parents – Information session

Term 4, Week 1


Molly Martin

Pre-recorded video for students – Rainbow fish activity (resources collected at school)

Term 4, Week 2


Josh Beaton (ICT Coordinator)

Pre-recorded ICT info for parents

Term 4, Week 3


Molly Martin or 2021 Foundation Teacher

Pre-recorded video for students – Maths counting activity (resources collected at school)

Term 4, Week 4


Hayden Murrell (Their Care Coordinator)

Pre-recorded Their Care Information Session for parents

Term 4, Week 5




2021 Foundation Teacher

Live Webex Call with all students and parents


Term 3, Week 8 - Foundation 2021 Transition Session 1

Term 4, Week 1 - Foundation 2021 Transition Session 2 | Rainbow Fish Activity

Term 4, Week 2 - ICT at Ceres Primary School

Term 4, Week 4 - Their Care Before & After School Care

The buddy system for new students throughout the year works well and we will continue to extend this program over the next few years. The school cohesion and connections made through the cross age tutoring that occurs is invaluable.

We also provide two or more afternoons at the end of the year for all students moving up into new grades.

The year 2 students moving into year 3 are targeted with additional support as this is a year level across all schools that experience the greatest adjustment.

The junior years provide a lot of support and teacher intervention with years 3-6 being expected to cover a lot more curriculum content and to work independently.