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Ceres PS - Super 7 Values


At Ceres Primary School, we pride ourselves on our use of 'The Super 7' Values in our school community. Our Staff and Students have embeded the values in our Language, Learning and Play, and when you walk through our school you can see and hear the values in all areas. 

Feedback, in particular from new families to the school, is often how surprised they are at how quickly the school values become part of the language at school, but also how they flow into the homes and lives of our school community. 

The Super 7 Values were created by our staff in consultation with our Student Voice and Leadership group. Together this group worked to identify a set of values that not only represented the school community, but allowed our students to feel safe, supported and challenged in the school enivonment. 

The Values form an integral part of our schools reward system, with students being acknowledged for thier efforts to embody the values in the classroom through 'Credit Points', at School Assembly awards and through Prinicpals Awards Stickers (which are highly sought after by our students!) 

The Ceres Primary School Super 7 Values consist of:


*Being kind to others

*Being a good friend and listener

*Making an effort to include all students

*Always helping others

*Inviting students to play who are sitting on the friendship chair


*Being brave enough to try new things

*Stretching our brains

*Learning from our mistakes

*Challenging our learning through fluid grouping


*Treating people the way you want to be treated

*Being respectful to our school grounds, belongings and equipment

*Agree to disagree

*Letting people have their say

*Keeping our environment clean

*Greeting and showing respect to your teachers, peers, visitors and parents

*Respecting yourself by using positive self-talk

*Tolerating other’s opinions

*Showing the 5 Ls in class

*Being patient with others

*Being honest about your actions


*Following all code announcements

*Playing with friends safely

*Only say things online that you would say to someone in person

*Keeping private information private

*Following all age restrictions for apps and websites

*Only interacting with people you know and have met in person

*Only looking up and using appropriate websites

*Using technology responsibly by following the school’s ICT policy

*Speaking to others online in a positive manner

*Washing your hands and using sanitiser regularly

*Wearing your hat and sunscreen when outside

- RESILIENCE ("Bounce Back")

*Keep working through hard things even when they are challenging – learning pit

*Using the catastrophe scale to identify solutions to a problem

*Beginning to understand and express our emotions

*Showing gratitude

*Using the Zones of Regulation


*Completing our classroom jobs

*Having our book boxes ready for each subject

*Handing in our diaries daily and recording our reading

*Keeping our locker tubs, bag areas and classroom clean and tidy

*Being prepared with leadership positions

*Keeping our emu bob areas clean


*Always working towards our personal best

*Challenging ourselves to achieve our learning goals

*Working to the best of our ability in all learning areas

Our Super 7 Values posters are displayed in every classroom and throughout the school, select here to see our 2021 revision of

the Ceres Primary School Super 7 Poster.