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Student Leadership

At the end of the year, usually in the second last week, the Grade 5 students (with assistance from Grade 6 students) present their speeches for School Leader Positions.

Students organise their pointer cards and fluently present their application to the school community. Each child gets an opportunity to cast their vote.

Roles are modified each year to ensure each child has an area of expertise they can share and to ensure that all stuends gain a co-ordinator role.

2016 roles are school captain, sport house captains, and vice-captains, environment captain and vice-captain, public relations captain and vice-captain and student welfare captain.

All year 5 students are involved in the junior school council. Their roles involve co-ordinating social services. They also hold whole school activity days on the last day of each term. If there are large groups, they are broken into Term groups that meet each Semester so that everyone gets a turn.