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Student Voice & Leadership


Each year we offer our grade 6 students an exciting opportunity to be part of our student leadership team. At the end of each year, the grade 5 students develop a speech and deliver this to their school peers, explaining why they would make a wonderful school leader. Each child in the school has an opportunity to cast their vote to appoint our student leadership team.

The leadership roles are modified each year to ensure each child has an area of expertise they can share and to guarantee all students have a leadership role. Our current leadership roles include: School Captains, Vice-Captains, Sport Captains, Wellbeing Co-ordinators and the Media Team.

Our year 5 students develop leadership roles within the scope of the Junior School Council (JSC). These involve co-ordinating Junior School Council Days (held each term). The whole school participates in JSC days - enjoying lots of fun activities (often in fancy dress!)


​Debating is offered to students in Grade 5 and 6. Debating is optional and students have the opportunity to participate in debates against other schools in Geelong. These competitions allow students to develop their public speaking skills, practise using persuasive devices, thinking on the spot and writing convincing speeches.


Student Voice


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