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Students at Ceres Primary School enjoy an hour of art each week.  Our specialist art teacher encourages each child to explore their creative talents using a variety of mediums, whilst encouraging appreciation of artistic styles and techniques throughout history. Students are lead through a design process, accessing the use of suitable products, drafting and then creating a piece of artwork.


Dance/Music/Drama Overview



This semester our focus is Drama. Children have the opportunity to develop confidence to perform mimes, charades or short skits in front of the class. The children will perform a play, learning how to follow a script, take turns when their character speaks and how to add actions and use their voice to bring their character to life.



This semester our focus is Dance. The children will have fun learning a variety of dances, both traditional and modern e.g. Conga, Limbo, Chicken Dance, Hokey Pokey. They will continue to take part in activities aimed at developing their listening skills and learn songs concentrating on singing in tune and keeping time with the group.