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Physical Education

At Ceres Primary School, we follow the Australian Guidelines in regards to Exercise, Physical Activity and Sedentary Behaviour.  Our teachers value the importance of an active and healthy lifestyle and provide students with weekly physical education lessons with a specialised teacher. 

Students are lead through a comprehensive program to develop their motor-skills, and are exposed to a wide range of sports such as netball, soccer, lacrosse and football. All students are catered for and encouraged to participate and enjoy being active.

Ceres Primary School also offers an intensive swimming program with qualified instructors starting from Foundation through to Grade 6, as well as offering a Bike Education program to upper-primary students.

All students at Ceres Primary School belong to a school house, Barwon and Barrabool, with various ways to earn points for their house throughout the year. 

Students participate in Athletics Carnivals each year with other local schools at Landy Field.